Skype Access Makes It Easy To Go Boingo

Skype, which has a long standing relationship with Boingo, is making it simpler (and easier) to get access to Boingo hotspots around the world. It announced a new plan that allows Skype users to pay for Boingo Wi-Fi hotspots using Skype Credit. The feature is called Skype Access and is currently available to Mac users as part of the Skype for Mac 2.8 Beta software. I upgraded just for this feature alone. Skype will support this on Windows and Linux versions of Skype later. You pay per minute for the access you use. Previously, you had to sign up for Boingo and got a special rate for using Skype. I thought it was a bad deal. I find Skype Access simpler and easier. (Related Post: Full review of Skype 2.8 for Mac on TheAppleBlog.)


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