Pogoplug Questions Answered in Video



I still think the Pogoplug from Cloud Engines is appealing. Perhaps not for tech-savvy folks, but for people who want a plug-and-play solution to remotely access any USB drive at home. When we reported on the device, there were a few questions, so we asked them on the floor at Showstoppers. The room lights were dimmed for no apparent reason during the very short vid, hence the dark and grainy nature of the video. At least you get to see it the same way we did. ;) More important are the answers we hear about security and number of drives you can connect.


remote control software

Sounds like a great way for me to listen to the itunes installed on my home computer, while away from it. Technically I don’t even need to bring my ipod if i am sitting at a public computer. This will cut down significantly on the number of items i have to lug around with me.

Amy Stewart

Glad to see it’s working as advertised! I am so anxious to get my Pogoplug so I can access all those hard drives that are such a paint to get to now. I am VERY excited about having my very own cloud!

Kevin C. Tofel

Good to hear on the service and the device. I just heard from the Pogoplug folks today as well. We’re on the list for a review unit, which I’m looking forward to trying out. :)


Just a quick update. I hit a couple of minor snags settingup my pogoplug. Jed and the rest of the folks at pogoplug quickly got me up and running.

So far, my pogoplug is working as advertised. Great device. I have my very own cloud.


I’ve been selected as one of the beta testers. I get the device this week. I’m really excited. I’ll report back as much as they let me.

Amy Stewart

A problem that “no one is having”? Really?

This device sounds incredibly useful to me. I have multiple external hard drives full of hundreds of gigs of archived design files, image libraries, music files, etc. Without something like this, I’d either have to carry hard drives with me, plug the drives into a computer that is always left on, or pay a third party to store the data in the cloud. This device lets me get directly to the drive from anywhere. I am definitely ordering it!

Frustrated Consumer

Hmmm….this looks like a solution for a problem that no one is having.

I’d be interested to see what their business plan is – who they think would buy this.

Pam T.

Thanks Kevin – lights or no lights I like these quick little “infomercials”. And this little product might come in handy!

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