Mio’s MID: Sony P Look Outside, Windows Mobile 6.1 Inside



Buried way back in the massive automotive section is where Mio hides at the CES. I just happened to be going through for a meeting when I stumbled on this MID under glass. Since it’s encased, I can’t get within a foot of it, but I was amazed with how similar-looking the form factor is when compared to the Sony VAIO P. Of course, you can’t judge a book or a MID by its cover and when you peel back the layers, you see an 800×480 device running Windows Mobile 6.1 on a 667MHz ARM processor. That explains the eight-hour battery life and the likely far lower price. There’s also USB out, GPS and integrated WiFi. I know some folks that are very productive on the WinMo platform, so this might have legs for them.



It’s funny to see WINMO haters knee jerk reaction. They get scared with any WinMo device that makes headlines, to the point to compare it to an unfinished Beta OS. ha ha

Joe the RotoRooter

If you think WinMo is too clumsy, you must not have used Android.

Android’s still at the state where it’s all potential. Unfortunately, it hasn’t reached any of that potential yet. Maybe in 2-3 releases, Android will be a competitor, but for now…it’s still on the sidelines.


I would really consider a device like that, if it:
1. was reasonably priced.
2. had a touchscreen.
3. offered 3G (for phone calls & always on data).
4. was running Android (WinMo is too clumsy, for my taste.).


Well, finally something to get excited about. I like netbooks that run linux because you don’t really need something overly powerful to take to uni or on the road and type email and word docs. Win mobile will give this thing instant on, fast opening and closing of docs etc. Looks pretty sweet as something smartphone.


And to think that Sharp discontinued the Zaurus! With an SD slot and a 667 MHz processor, can we say bootload!? Linux or Android.

That would be sweet!


That looks like they’re using the original Eee Pc keyboard. Even the spacebar’s cockeyed.

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