Mio’s MID: Sony P Look Outside, Windows Mobile 6.1 Inside


Buried way back in the massive automotive section is where Mio hides at the CES. I just happened to be going through for a meeting when I stumbled on this MID under glass. Since it’s encased, I can’t get within a foot of it, but I was amazed with how similar-looking the form factor is when compared to the Sony VAIO P. Of course, you can’t judge a book or a MID by its cover and when you peel back the layers, you see an 800×480 device running Windows Mobile 6.1 on a 667MHz ARM processor. That explains the eight-hour battery life and the likely far lower price. There’s also USB out, GPS and integrated WiFi. I know some folks that are very productive on the WinMo platform, so this might have legs for them.


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