Intel- whole lotta MIDs going on at CES

OQO Model 2+

OQO Model 2+

I spent some time at the Intel booth this morning at CES and was glad to see them with an entire display of Mobile Internet Devices (MIDs).  Intel has been pushing MIDs for a while and it is good to see a fair number of units coming to fruition.

I could only get photos of a few of the models due to the crush of people crowding the displays.  This was easily the busiest display booth I have seen yet at CES showing how popular portable computers have become, at least with the crowd that attends the CES.  Intel is using the term MID loosely as they had a few netbooks on display too so that may have played a role in the big crowd.

I got a chance to play with the newly announced OQO Model 2+ that Intel was showing off due to the Atom processor inside.  The OQO has an OLED screen, the first on a PC as far as I am aware.  The screen looked nice and bright but not much different than the displays on all the other non-OLED displays being shown.  While I was snapping photos of the OQO display model it went dead and had to be replaced with another unit.  I hope that’s not significant.

I played with MIDs from Aigo, Benq, Compal and others.  My favorite device of all I saw was the UMID, a tiny clamshell laptop MID.  The UMID seemed to garner a lot of interest with attendees which leads me to believe that folks are naturally drawn to the laptop form factor.  That’s why I think netbooks have done so well, it’s a form people are familiar with and can envision how it would work for them.  Enjoy these photos snapped in the Intel booth after the jump.  Please forgive me for any poor images, the lighting was terrible and the crowd was jostling me every time I tried to take a picture.



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