Do You Want Widgets on Your TV?

Yahoo and Intel have been peddling this widgets-on-your-TV thing for quite a while now, but it seems they’ve finally brought a whole bunch of friends on the bandwagon. Now Samsung, Sony, LG Electronics, VIZIO, eBay, MySpace, CBS, The New York Times, Netflix, Amazon, Blockbuster, Showtime, USA Today and Twitter are on board.

You know it’s good when people who aren’t even named partners are talking you up in their own public remarks at CES. Disney-ABC Television Group president Anne Sweeney said the widgets might be used in the Lost series finale, sounding like she was cribbing from the press release. “The chip may create opportunity for content providers and CE companies to work together to connect people more deeply to content they watch.”

But we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, cause we really do want to know: Do you want widgets on your TV? Personally, I’m pretty blah on it all, since I tend to watch TV on my laptop, where it’s easy enough for me to check the weather without an extra chip. But let us know what you think by voting in our poll.

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