Dell Adding Inspiron Mini 10 to Netbook Lineup


Dell Inspiron Mini 10

Dell Inspiron Mini 10

Dell figures there’s some room between the Mini 9 and Mini 12, so they’ve got a Mini 10 announcement at today’s CES press event. We haven’t seen the device yet since we’re booked with meetings, but we’ll swing by their booth today and see if they’re showing it off. I tend to doubt it, but you never know.

Early word from Engadget: Intel Atom Z530, 720p display, edge-to-edge keyboard, integrated 3G, GPS, & 802.11n. There’s a TV tuner in there too. No word on availability or price just, but I’m guessing that it won’t start below $450 or $500. Not your typical netbook at first glance with some of those bells and whistles. With features like this, maybe it’s not a netbook: discuss amongst yourselves while we dig for more info.


John in Norway

According to, netbooks of any kind don’t exist. They send me a newsletter every week and have never mentioned that they have these cheap, light, small devices. Who do I believe?


this actually looks interesting!

a 10″ hi-rez screen & a real KB this time. it certainly looks like the Atom Z-series is going to be the future, so hopefully with Windows XP/Windows 7 + proper driver support it will perform decently.


The TV tuner is a really interesting feature, but not enough to get me to replace my Mini 9.

I will, however, consider picking up that little USB tuner Dell’s going to start selling.

Dave Winer

I’ve come to believe 3G does not belong in the netbook, that’s the job of the cellphone and for now at least they’re different things. I have not yet made a phone call on my Asus, and I’m not really inclined to. Even though I could.

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