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Hybrid Hacking 101: A delay with the battery pack has made Toyota pull its plug-in Prius from the Detroit Auto Show. Hybrid hackers needn’t wait for battery perfection. — The Economist

X Prize Baits Big 3 to Create 100 MPG Cars: Organizers of the Progressive Automotive X Prize are creating a special division for major automakers, although winners won’t qualify for the $10 million bounty.– The Detroit News

Toyota Asks Workers to Take Pay Cuts: Toyota Motor Corp. has entered negotiations with workers in Japan to slash salaries as it slows production in response to slumping global demand. — Associated Press

The Other Green Jobs: President-elect Barack Obama wants to boost the efficiency of 200 two million homes as part of an economic stimulus package. You can picture manufacturing jobs for solar panels and wind turbines, but what kinds of jobs might be generated by the drive for increased home energy efficiency? — NYT’s Green Inc.

Park It Right There: The London borough of Richmond plans to slap an extra parking fee on drivers of gas-guzzlers. Vehicles with the most carbon emissions will pay about $2.89 an hour for street parking. — Wired’s Autopia

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