Daily Apple: Multi-Core iPhone, Windows 7, Box Set, Bottles

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Shareholder Proposals for Upcoming Year Denied by Apple Board of Directors – Yes, it’s true that they are responsible to the shareholders, but that doesn’t mean they have to listen to their wacky ideas. Not that some of them don’t actually make sense. Hit the link for the full list.

iPhone Firmware 3.0 to Support Multi-Core Processing? – They’re not saying that anything solid is in the pipeline, but this rumor does make a bit of sense, especially once you’ve read the details. The rumor is corroborated by Imagination’s announcement that they’re working on something that would suit this purpose.

Windows 7 Goes Public Beta, Then Goes On Hold – Thanks to our friends over at jkOnTheRun, I spent most of my morning hitting reset to try to get into the brand new Windows 7 public beta. Also thanks to them, I stopped. Let’s hope they start up those engines agains soon.

Box Set Has All The Hits for Less – If you’re just getting started with this whole Mac thing, this is the deal for you. Leopard, iWork ’09, and iLife ’09, all for $169. That’s a steep discount, considering that without the deal, they cost $300.

Apple to Crash the CES Party? – Macworld’s definitely out, but now it looks like Apple might be eyeing up the fair maiden CES. That’s according to a source telling tales to Cult of Mac. CES does garner more press when Apple isn’t dropping huge bombs like the iPhone.

Motorola Presents the Bottle Phone – Apple, you can claim to be green all you want, but until you start making the iPhone out of recycled cardboard or something, Motorola’s got you beat. They just unveiled this beauty, made of recycled bottles.

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Kevin C. Tofel

Good news Darrell: Microsoft has addressed the high demand and you can grab Windows 7 in either 32- or 64-bit, plus get activation keys now. :)

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