Best iPhone App Ever Winners for 2008


bestappeverlogo2008_wideIt may not be the most authoritative source (what is?), but the winners of the Best iPhone App Ever Awards have recently been announced. The awards are organized and run by, an iPhone and iPod touch App review site whose main feature is a top 148 list. Awards were decided based on community and committee nominations and subsequent voting to determine the top app in each category.

There are 34 categories in all, including things like Best User Interface and Best Long Play Game. Winners are not generally too surprising, and the list stands as a good resource for new iPhone and iPod touch users who might otherwise be overwhelmed by the sheer volume of programs that now occupy the App Store.

Shazam takes the biggest prize on the list, walking away with Best App Ever. I admit, though I don’t use Shazam all that often, when I do, I find it extremely handy. Still, Best App Ever? I suppose its other benefit is that anyone and everyone can make good use of it, which isn’t the case with apps I might suggest as more deserving of the award. Curiously, Weightbot was also nominated in this category, something which I can only ascribe to the incredibly good design of the app’s graphics, icon, and interface.

Other winners of interest include Air Sharing for Most Useful App, Field Runners for Best Original Game, and Things for Best Productivity Enhancer. Probably not my first choice in any of those categories, but they’d definitely make the short list, at the very least. Check out the full list here.



OK I agree that Shazam is cool, but it won in way too many categories. Best app ever AND most innovative app? Come on.. There’s got to be better out there.

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