Industry Moves: Condé Nast Digital Exec Brandt Jumps To Linkstorm As CEO


imageAri Brandt has left his role as digital media head of Condé Nast Business Media Group Online and joined ad technology provider Linkstorm as CEO. Linkstorm



I love portfolio and It's still around, guys! Congrats to Ari. He did a great job there. Conde Nast may not be digital-centric, but they sure have great brands.


Brian Quinn was a great site and kudos to Ari for making that happen. But most of the online staff is gone. That leaves the magazine. Saw last week that Conde is sending subscribers of shuttered Men's Vogue copies of Portfolio to complete their subscription. Ouch.


Watching the erosion of Conde Naste manifests my schadenfreuder dark side.

You can tell these people anything. The arrogance associatted with those employed by Conde Naste pours out through the streets of Manahhatan.

The world is not the same when these folks earned thier seats. Now they are stuck on stupid and can't hear anything.

I don't know Ari Brandt, this is not a direct shot at him as much as the orginization as a whole. However I suspect his choices were limited and its likley that Link Strom gave him a big equity chunk, and a secured saftery net.

In the old days a Conde Nast employee rolled out of bed and said "Conde Nast" then a red carpet magically appeared. Those days are gone. Names mean nothing in the 21st centrury electronic world. Tomorrows publishing superstar started last month, the next one will start tomorrow.

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