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Is The Rising Popularity Of The iPod Touch Cutting Into iPhone Sales?

imageAccording to early reports, the iPod Touch was a hot seller over the holidays. At the same time, sales of the mighty iPhone have been slowing in some places. Is there a connection between the two?

BusinessWeek says the Touch’s good fortune is partly a matter of economics and partly its functionality. While the iPod Touch is priced from $229 to $399, it is more affordable than the iPhone, as consumers aren

10 Responses to “Is The Rising Popularity Of The iPod Touch Cutting Into iPhone Sales?”

  1. I loved the rumors that apple would announce a bigger screen ipod touch, I'd love to buy an ipod touch with 2x the height and 2x the weight and costing an extra $100 or so.

    Although the $250 netbooks from bestbuy are tempting too.

  2. What we need for ipod Touch third version, is :
    – GPS embelded
    – camera and video (include a microphone)

    People prefer to use IM than cellphone, it is less intrusif

  3. I want my phone to be a phone and nothing else. I also have an iPod touch.

    Call me too political, but after AT&T handed out privacy data to the Bushies without a FISA Court Order combined with their campaign against net neutrality, I wouldn't give AT&T a cup of water if they were on fire. I might give them a gallon of water if they were drowning, though. I simply do not do business with companies that I know are actively working against my interests.

    AT&T, really SBC after they bought the carcass of AT&T long distance, is a deal breaker for me. It's also way too expensive. There isn't a phone in the world worth $70/month if I had Bill Gates' money.

  4. Tim O'Loughlin

    Bought a touch instead of the iPhone because it has just about all the advantages and so much less overall cost. It is a little limited by having wifi only but new hot spots spring up daily. Only things that would cause me to upgrade would be a better camera, full gps, better battery life and a cheap gsm plan (with no data), for now really happy with the touch

  5. Bignumone

    I am right there with you. I wondered about this from the beginning.

    BTW, Anne, we have always been called geeks. We still are, but now we have geek sheik!
    Just call me when you can't get your text, email, or phone working and your jock boyfriend is too busy watching the football game to learn how to use the remote!

  6. just dad

    My wife wanted an iPhone for Christmas, so I checked out the options. It would have cost us at least another $50 a month to switch to the iPhone on AT&T. It is not the initial cost of the iPhone, but rather the ongoing monthly cost, and the pain that is AT&T. She received both a new RAZR (They actually consider this a smartphone?), and an iPod Touch.