@ CES: Moms Part Of Early Adopters For Nokia’s Comes With Music Service

Early results from Nokia’s Comes With Music service are showing that one of the more surprising demographics that are adopting the service are mothers, said Trevor Madigan, Nokia’s manger of entertainment and communities Americas for software and services. “Madigan told me at CES that it’s an “agitated” mother who’s bothered by their kid asking for money for music, who are quick to buy the service. It’s unclear how well sales are going for Nokia’s Comes With Music service, which launched in the U.K. recently, and allows users to get unlimited music tracks from a catalog of 4 million songs free with the purchase of a phone. “That is our consumer proposition. We know some people will download everything, but once you’ve built up a substantial catalog, I find that I want someone to recommend something to me….Once you have unlimited access, recommendation is key.”

In addition to recommendation being important, he said they are seeing some other general trends on what tracks are popular and how they are being stored: “If you buy each track separately, you want to keep them, but now people are deleting it.” Also crucial is having all new songs on the day they are released. “Once they fill their catalogs, they come back to see what’s new — chart coverage has to be perfect.”