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@ CES: What Live Digital TV Over A Mobile Phone Looks LIke

The Open Mobile Video Coalition, which is working with technology companies and TV broadcasters nationwide to roll out mobile TV using a station’s existing infrastructure and spectrum, announced today it has received commitments in 63 markets, covering 35 percent of the country. I covered the news earlier today based on a press conference, but since there were no good demonstrations, I had to visit the LG (SEO: 066570) booth this afternoon to see how the service works. Excuse the poor video. It was loud and there was no one there to walk me through the service, so I stumbled through it on my own. What I saw: Nine stations are live in Las Vegas, including CNBC, Fox, CW, ABC, Qubo, Fox News, Cool Music Network, and NBC. I was able to flip through channels fairly easily, although there was a bit of buffering between. There was a nice TV guide, which allowed you to browse through the channels while watching your most recent channel. But I’m sure this is just a working prototype of the user interface given that consumers don’t even have a chance of buying a device until much later this year.

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  1. I assume that this is using ATSC-M/H, if it is using the same infrastructure for ATSC today. It is good to see that finally something is moving, I only hope that it is not forgotten the fact that the mobile is a network connected device, therefore it makes obvious sense to tie any possible mobile DTV technology to data interactivity.
    It would be advisable to work around datacasting along with the video broadcasting efforts, and get ready to launch a service that really provides a value to mobile users.