Yelp Now Available In The UK


yelpI’m a frequent flier to England and a longtime fan of Yelp, the gloriously verbose and opinionated user-generated review site, so this is doubly good news: Yelp now has a UK page, for finding good restaurants and other services across all the major British cities. According to Yelp’s publicist, the site already attracts 100,000 monthly visitors from UK, even before this launch. I can’t wait to read heated, British-slang-filled arguments over the service at Gordon Ramsay’s new place.



yelp is the 4chan of consumer review sites. mostly contentless trolling, smearing
or pointlessly giddy admiration. i used to enjoy the site but the reviews
veered away from being useful and more into the realm of ranting. the content
is so far removed from its original purpose that yelp’s database will be less
attractive to a potential acquiring party…but the VCs have poured so much
money into this sink that its sale price would be laughable anyway. zagat is
losing no sleep, nor is any other stays-on-topic, stays-informed review site.
yelp is a rare case of crowd-sourcing losing out to old-time editorial.


Im a bit indifferent to these kind of sites myself, id rather view the info on the iphone app which i’m now off to test drive. To be honest though i’m perfectly happy with locly; does the job for me.

Antonio has been in the UK since 2006 and we already have some great British filled slang reviews :)


People who will be posting on Yelp probably couldn’t ever afford to dine at Ramsey’s place – moreso because of all this ‘credit crunch’ lark.

I’m with Neil on this one too, but less shouty; we don’t really do heated arguments. You’ll find we embrace and celebrate mediocrity and failure.


WE DON’T DO HEATED ARGUMENTS. I got on the dog & bone to Ramsey and he promised to sack the dodgy waiter at his new gaff.


Great news, this will be a bubble bath, esp if Gordon has the bottle to reply!

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