Video from the Digital Experience Show Floor


I’ll warn you in advance: the show floor is loud and as much as I’m trying not to, I might make you quesy with the camera work. If you can live with that, here’s a tad over four minutes of the Digital Experience. Our goal here isn’t to cover the entire show floor as that’s simply not possible. This is just a taste of what it’s like to be there: walking from table to table and getting the product pitches. Actually James does most of the device pitch work with one exception, which you’ll see.

Look close in the intro and you’ll see Walt Mossberg trying to get some face time. C’mon Walt, get your own video crew! ;) Of course, we were lucky to get any video at all since James almost dropped the new BlackBerry Curve 8900. The fake phone call to Moscow using Eric Lin’s personal HTC S743 almost did us in too!


Kevin C. Tofel

Thanks for the kind words all. The rat-race is already taking its toll on us, but we’ll push on.

Video was shot with the Kodak Zi6.


Incredible coverage and thanks J&K. Any words to share on Curve 8900? I wonder who gets it first and how it differs from 8330 on Verizon – plus release dates. Keep running!

Beau Lane

love the new hp mini note……but do u guys eva go to sleep?

Matthew Miller (aka palmsolo)

Great job guys! Boy, do I wish I was there again. I’ll go again next year and won’t skip out like I had to do this year. What did you use to shoot this video?

Keep up the excellent work and don’t get too burned out.


I agree with @Deluthe – James and Kevin look like big kids in a toy store. Running around trying everything insight. Get some sleep. Enjoying the videos.

Andy G

You guys are having such a blast; I’m so envious.

Keep the excellent updates coming! I refresh JkOnTheRun about 40 times a day. =P


James looks like a gigantic grown-up nerd with that backpack on & playing with toys

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