Sony Vaio P available with 1.86 GHz processor


vaio_p_06The buzz here at the CES in Las Vegas is definitely the Sony Vaio P “lifestyle” computer that the computer maker announced yesterday.  They stated the P would be available from the SonyStyle site today but it’s not available for order as I checked just now.

Computer importer Dynamism just informed us that the Vaio P is available to order from their site which isn’t surprising since they usually carry all things small and shiny from Sony.  What is surprising is they are offering models that have a faster 1.86 GHz Atom processor.  Sony has only stated that the 1.33 GHz Atom would be offered so this is news to us.  Check it out for yourself and we’ll try to verify this today.

Dynamism offers several models starting with the entry level model as Sony mentioned yesterday for $899.  There is a “top” model as indicated by Sony that has a 1.33 GHz processor and 128GB SSD for $1,499 and this top model with the 1.86 GHz Atom processor is an extra $400.




It looks like you do not get GPS with any of the faster Japanese models. Thats the tradeoff


James if you get a chance could you get Sony to comment on Gizmodo’s report that the broadband is Verizon only for the US model???

That could be a very powerful reason to buy from Dynamism right there!


I discovered another site wich report three different configuration but only two are up for preorder on sony site.

OS: Windows Vista Home Premium
CPU: Atom Z520 @ 1.33GHz o con Z530 (1.6GHz) / Z540 (1.86GHz)
Memoria: 2GB RAM
Hard Drive: 60GB (standard), 64GB e 128GB SSD opzionali
Display: 8 pollici (1600 x 768 pixels)
Connettività: WiFi b/g/n – WWAN e GPS opzionali
webcam: 1.3 mPixel
Porte: 2 USB, cuffie, inclusa una chiavetta esterna con porte VGA, Ethernet ed altre USB
Slots: SD, MS
Dimensioni: 245 x 19.8 x 120 mm
Peso: 639 gr


Sony UK is sporting the same version as Nando reported seeing at the Italian store. 1.6 Ghz and a 128Gb SSD for £1300. I guess that makes it cheaper in the UK as the pound is now worth less than the Uzbeki Pebble.


They also have all the colors whereas Sony was only offering black for their “top” model. But Sony is bundling noise canceling headphones with their “top” unit but Dynamism doesn’t appear to be doing so.

I think this is a first? The biggest HDD is 60GB and all the SSD options are larger? I like it! :-)

I think this is highly probable to replace my Acer Aspire One.


Just check the italian sonystyle website, they have a top of the line with a 1.60 Ghz processor and 128 ssd up for 1499.00 €


The $899, 1199, 1499 models were available for order yesterday but had a 2/3/09 shipping date. Not sure why it wouldn’t be up today.

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