Slow morning at the CES


Today is officially the start of the CES proper and in true journalistic fashion Kevin and I have split up and are at the two different venues.  Kevin is in the main Las Vegas Convention Center (LVCC) and I am ensconced in the Sands Expo Center.  We will be meeting up at an off-site event later today.

In years past opening day of the CES has been a bit frienzied at both of the venues.  Crowds of people everywhere you go and long lines to enter just about anthing.  This year the show is very different and I think it’s a sign of the times.

The crowd at the Sands venue is nothing like in years past.  There are folks already walking around the show floor but no big crush of people anywhere.  What is most striking about this is how quiet the show floor is compared to years past.  Usually it’s a strain to hear anything but it’s a bit quiet this morning.  Maybe everyone is at the LVCC, we’ll get Kevin to chime in since he’s there.

I spent the morning wandering through the exhibition in the Sands.  I have covered over half the show floor in a record amount of time because nothing caught my eye.  Nothing.  I have been deluged with booths showing USB flash drives, robotic animals dancing in time to the music, and displays full of laptop bags.  That’s pretty much it and why I have no photos of cool gear to share.  I haven’t seen any.  You know it’s a slow opening day when the most interesting thing I’ve seen is a urinal.



Sounds like you need to huff it over to the convention center, James.

Kevin C. Tofel

Although the show floor is slated to officially open in 15 minutes, I see far fewer folks here than I ever have in the past five years. There was a morning keynote offsite which might have something to do with it, but I suspect attendance is down. Noise levels are lower too, which actually bodes well if we do additional video from the floor.

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