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Qualcomm Brings Mobile TV to 100 New Markets

After spectrum is freed up by the transition to digital television in mid-February, mobile TV based on Qualcomm’s (s QCOM) MediaFLO technology will be available in 100 new markets, a dramatic expansion from the 63 available today. Sure, some of the markets are second-tier, but major ones getting coverage include San Francisco, Boston, Miami and Houston. Of course, coverage for more than 200 million people (up from 140 million!) doesn’t necessarily translate into subscribers. Qualcomm declines to give numbers, but with two carriers (AT&T (s T) and Verizon (s VZ)), a price tag of $15 per month and only six MediaFLO enabled handsets available, I tend to believe the comScore data, which shows that few people are watching broadcast mobile television.

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