Lunch @ Piero’s: VIA Nano, Netbooks and the Cloud OS


VIA netbooks at the bar

VIA netbooks at the bar

James and I just took a load off and hit Lunch @ Piero’s. It’s an event across the street from the LVCC and offers fantastic Italian food. More importantly, it offers us to spend some quiet, quality time with a handful of companies. VIA is the major player here and we had a great 15-minute conversation with Richard Brown. We’ll share some of that in our daily wrap-up video, but of course you all want to know about VIA Nano netbooks. They do exist and we saw several in the mug-shot lineup above. The trend here is slightly larger than the traditional 10.2-inch sizes, if you can call a one-year old product “traditional.” Watch for VIA Nano devices in the 11-, 12-, and 13-inch range, more in the $500 price tier. Product availability is first or second quarter of this year.

gOS also gave us a few minutes to show off the Cloud operating system. It’s light and small, booting in around 15-seconds. While getting connected and on the web is important, the gOS folks stressed that they’re focusing on usability and the experience. I mentioned Splashtop and HyperSpace to them and they feel that they compete well in terms of their UI.


Netbook Fan

What is the battery life on the VIA netbooks?

A slightly larger screen and good battery life could make these netbooks pretty interesting.

Kevin C. Tofel

Aaron, it may have something do with the power consumption of the Nano. In speaking to Richard Brown of VIA, he said that they get it down to around 10W TDP. Atom hits 2.5W TDP at most. More power consumption requires more battery capacity, which tends to mean larger batteries. That adds to the overall size, so why not make these 11+ inches, is the thought…

Aaron M

Why does Via only want to use the nano platform on larger netbookish type devices?

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