LG’s 3G Watch Phone on Time for 2009



CES attendees are all a-buzz over the LG prototype 3G Watch Phone. After watching this video from LG Canada, I think you’ll see why. The LG-GC910 supports Bluetooth headsets so no,  you don’t have to hold your wrist next to your ear all day. Voice recognition is there as is a music player. The metal clasp in the band reminds me of my Microsoft SPOT Watch, circa-2004; it had a similar band that acted as an antenna. No word on price, but you should “watch” for it later this year.



where can a buy Lg-gd910g3 watch phone and the cost. near of Miami F.L Thank you.


Where can a get this LG-GD910G3 WATCH PHONE and how much is the cost? Iam livieng near of Los Angeles California. Thank you


Frustrated Consumer: As opposed to having it clipped to a belt near your crotch, as many, many folks do?

Cell phones don’t emit ionizing radiation. Don’t sweat it.

Frustrated Consumer

Very cool but I’m not sure I want the radiant energy of a cell phone strapped to my skin 10-12 hours a day.

That seems less than safe.

Phil Lee

A nice gimmic but it will never replace a watch for me. I have a small collection of watches I wear depending on what I’m doing, wearing or feel like. To be tied to one watch would be boring.

kevin white

I can’t wear a watch. I have to take it off when I type, and then I lose it if I’m in a public place.

I thought with cell phones, we wouldn’t be needing watches any more… now we’ll be needing watches to use our cell phones.

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