i.TV Is iPhone’s Content Depot, with Barely Any Video Yet

As far as video on the iPhone goes, YouTube is really the only viable option. There are a few up-and-coming apps like Joost, Livestation, CBS EyeMobile, Sling, Poptiq and Qik, but it’s fairly undeveloped terrain.

A more built-up space is TV and movie listings, and one such app from a young Palo Alto, Calif.-based startup brings the two together. i.TV is trying to provide an iPhone-specific dashboard for all sorts of entertainment information and content, and it has already made integrations that allow users to add movies they look up directly to their Netflix queues, for example.

We chatted with i.TV’s VP of marketing Justin Whittaker on the floor at Macworld this week, where Apple (s APPL) had given the startup a developer booth. He told us that the angel-funded startup, which has 15 employees with development in Utah, has already struck up advertising deals with movie studios, and is in meetings now to integrate further with consumer electronics companies and content makers. He declined to give specific user numbers, but said the company has millions of users, many of them active. i.TV is currently the 55th-most popular free app in the iTunes store. That’s pretty impressive, given that the company was only founded last April and doesn’t even have a web version of its product.

i.TV may be small, but it’s possible it could use this momentum to become a one-stop shop for video content on the iPhone frontier.

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