For Online Video Startups, A Scary 2009 Ahead


[qi:_newteevee] With the economic downturn in full swing, it’s no surprise people are staying home. And in doing so, they are watching more and more video online. At the same time, the advertising market is slumping, making it harder for online video companies to make money. The situation is even harder for online video startups. An analysis of some of the leading indicators — shut downs, layoffs, consumption stats, market size estimates and predictions — shows that they are in for a nausea-inducing ride in 2009. Full analysis by Liz Gannes over on NewTeeVee


Screen Sleuth

With Hulu, YouTube and Fancast around, and the ad market slumping this badly, why bother with a video startup? Pointless.


I hope that the problems that Revver had over the past year are now behind it, they are one of the few companies out there that actually have a compelling and profitable product for all involved.

Jon …get the message!

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