Drew Carey Fondles OQO Model 2, Asks Wrong Question


Drew Carey

Drew Carey

I just happened to be near an OQO display and so was Drew Carey. He was fondling the new OLED Model 2+… and so I couldn’t. Sheesh! After hearing him as a bunch of technical questions, he made the critical mistake of asking “how much?”

Of course, I couldn‘t miss the opportunity presented, so I did what any self-respecting geek would do. I shouted out “Drew, it can be YOURS…. if the Price is Right!” He laughed, the crowd laughed and….  I still didn’t get to touch the new OQO.

I’d never cut it in Hollywood… but then again, if we were at my home in the sticks, I think I’d get even odds against Drew. ;)



@John in Norway,

Drew Carey has done stand-up comedy, a TV show called The Drew Carey Show, and is now serving as the new host of The Price is Right game show (taking over from Bob Barker).

John in Norway

I have absolutely no idea what the joke is. Is this one of those American only things? And who is Drew Carey? Thanks for your patience.

Ron P.

Its Ron the Proof Reader. Please check your line to Drew. We are missing the full PUNCH of the moment!!
Nice work, Ron
Here is the funny part, Drew is asking HOW MUCH? Thats like Bill Gates asking for the cost of a steak at Sizzler!!!


Methinks you’re missing a participle in there somewhere, but yeah, comic GOLD!

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