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CES 09 NewTeeVee News Wrapup

We didn’t hit CES this year (we let the jkOnTheRun guys have all the fun), but thanks to magic of this wonderous thing called the Internet, all the NewTeeVee-related news we need to know is just a click away (and bursting our inboxes). Here are some notable tid-bits from the show. If you’re there and see something you like, drop us a line.

Vizio TVs Get More than Just Netflix Streaming; will also offer Amazon, Blockbuster, Pandora, Flickr, Yahoo widgets, will sport built-in 802.11n Wi-Fi and a remote with a slide out QWERTY keyboard. (Gizmodo)

Hulu Heading for SageTV Hardware; unlike other Hulu-to-TV solutions, it doesn’t require a PC in the mix. (ZatzNotFunny!)

Move Networks Optimizes Interface for Mobile Devices and Netbooks; adaptive streaming company customizes its player for Intel Atom-based mobile devices. (emailed release)

MySpace Coming to TV Sets; social network widget on their way to Toshiba and Samsung big screens, lets you interact with friends and send messages. (Wall Street Journal Blog)

Silicon Image Unveils LiquidHD; company hopes to unite various networking protocols to more easily connect PCs, consumer electronics devices, portable electronics and Internet connections. (VentureBeat)

Seagate Launches FreeAgent Theater HD Media Player; it’s a set-top box that transfers digital content via a hard drive. (Seagate)

Toshiba to Use Sony’s Cell Processor for New Set-Top Box; device will be able to record up to six HD channels at once and improve the look of any video. (The Associated Press)

Macrovision Working to Stream Web Video to TVs; the next version of the company’s interactive programming guide would include access to web video on connected TVs. (Multichannel News)

Panasonic Shows Off 1080p 3-D Set; Gizmodo says the picture looks good, but glasses are still dumb (and Stacey at GigaOM says 3-D sucks; its just a way to get you buy more gadgets). (Gizmodo)

Sling and DISH Team Up for DVR; the ViP 922 has 1TB of storage, can access five video sources (including satellite, broadband, over-the-air), and allows users to watch content from any computer or cell phone with web access. (CE Pro)

Sony Beefs Up Bravia Line; TVs to get connected directly (no external adapter) and offer Amazon VOD, YouTube and Yahoo. (CE Pro)

3 Responses to “CES 09 NewTeeVee News Wrapup”

  1. I know this is just a summary of the major headlines and announcements coming out of CES, but the LiquidHD blurb ignores the primary significance of Liquid Play.
    It was inevitable that some company would take the next step on the road to to facilitating file sharing between various media devices.

    What matters more is that as Silicon Image attempts to take this next step they also aim to bring the next impact of the DRM train wreck into our homes: Liquid Play. Unwanted and unnecessary, it will surely bring the usual technological dysfunctionality and absurdly destructive litigation we have seen accompany similar efforts made on behalf of the recording industry. It is a direct affront to fair use, media literacy and free speech.

    It is pathetic that the larger companies in the motion media industry appear unable to learn from the mistakes of the recording industry, particularly considering many of them share the same parent companies.