A Note from the Editor


This morning, we published an article by a guest contributor. Approximately 30 minutes after the post was published, we were made aware that the freelance contributor had already submitted and published the exact same article on another site. As soon as the duplication was brought to our attention, we pulled the article.

We apologize to our readers for the error.


John Welsh

Yes, I agree wtih @MikeGale. From a Web 2.0 point of view, it should not matter where the posting is, as long as we get to read what I need.

But, from my old, legacy days, I sympathise with WWD. I was the editor of a weekly paper and I would receive “letters to the editor” from people who had sent the same letter to our competitor, another weekly (without telling us,of course).

And, yet, the letter writers were exactly the same readers who complained that they could not tell the difference between the two weeklies. Grrrrrr!.


Mike Gale

From a reader point of view, the concerns expressed here don’t seem particularly relevant. My major concerns are:

1) Is it worth reading?

2) Would I have seen it if it wasn’t here?

Judi Sohn

Mark, that’s true.

Frankly, I put in the link because we inadvertently did a disservice to Freelance Switch by publishing the article. The link was for them, not the contributor.

Mark O'Neill

Why are you linking to the other article? All you’re doing is giving the guy more publicity and SEO incentives – which he doesn’t deserve!

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