LexisNexis Invests $2.09M In Legal Lead Gen Provider RocketLawyer


imageRocketLawyer, a lead-gen provider for legal eagles, has raised $2.09 million in second-round funding from LexisNexis, PEHub reports, citing an SEC filing. The ultimate goal for RocketLawyer’s second round is $3.09 million. The investment is fairly atypical for Reed Elsevier (NYSE: RUK) Group’s LexisNexis, which gathers legal information as well as news articles. In general, LexisNexis tends to buy companies it’s interested in outright, as opposed to making partial investments, PEHub notes. In any case, despite the increased likelihood of stricter regulatory oversight of online ad techniques, following some high-profile fraud cases over the past year, the practice of lead gen is poised to make a comeback, with companies under greater pressure to attract customers during bad economic times.

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