3 Key Differences Between Phoenix HyperSpace and DeviceVM Splashtop

Splashtop on the Lenovo S10e

Splashtop on the Lenovo S10e

No, I don’t have a head-to-head video or anything, but I did chat with the DeviceVM folks yesterday. They’re the ones that created the Lenovo-branded Splashtop quick-boot environment. I’m a fan of what they’re trying to do, but I shared my recent Phoenix HyperSpace experience with them. A few general points that you should know if you considering one or the other of these:

  • HyperSpace found my wireless connection very quickly as you can see in my video. It was most impressive. The DeviceVM team said that wireless connectivity was a challenge in terms of speed. They figure it takes their application up to 10 seconds to connect over WiFi. I found the early build of HyperSpace to be far faster.
  • Splashtop doesn’t yet support 3G wireless connections, but that feature has been requested by many. It’s possible we could see that in the future. Although I didn’t test it, HyperSpace does support some 3G cards.
  • Splashtop doesn’t require an annual license, while HyperSpace will cost you at least $39.95 for a year. Splashtop wins a major point here as the price is likely subsidized and covered by the OEM selling the computer with Splashtop.

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