Yugma Free Now Allows 20 Meeting Participants & More Additions

Last month I wrote up the new version 4.0 of one of my favorite free online meeting applications: Yugma. This application is a favorite among many WebWorkerDaily readers and writers. Version 4.0 brings a lot of conveniences, but I still had a few things remaining on my wish list.

Now, Yugma has just announced several improvements to its free and paid plans that can make a big difference for those who regularly use this application. At the top of the list of improvements is a fix for a bone I had picked before.

Room for more meeting participants in Yugma’s free version was at the top of my wish list for version 4.0 when I wrote about it last month. Yugma has historically only allowed 10 meeting participants in its free version, while the open source free conferencing application Dimdim has routinely allowed 20 participants. That shortcoming has been addressed, and you can now have 20 participants in a free Yugma conference.

There are also a number of changes to the paid Yugma plans, including a 25 percent reduction in the cost of the Yugma Pro plan, which is now available for $14.95 a month. The paid versions of Yugma allow for very large groups of meeting participants and the lower prices may attract many people, but I think a lot of web workers will be happy with the 20-participant threshold that Yugma Free now offers. Among the new service additions, there is also an inexpensive option for putting on webinars, at $19.95 a month for all Yugma Pro subscribers.

If you haven’t upgraded Yugma in a while, definitely use the latest version 4.0. Among other conveniences, you can invite people to online meetings without requiring them to have downloaded and installed Yugma. Some of the lowest prices now available for Yugma services are only availabe until February 15th, so if you’re interested, look into the additions listed here.