Windows 7 Beta Open to All on January 9th

The big Microsoft keynote has come and gone, but we’re not left empty-handed. This Friday, you can pop over to the Windows 7 site and download the public beta of the leaner and meaner Windows. Pick your poison: 32- or 64-bit. Remember that Windows 7 isn’t expected to include many of the desktop applications that are typical for a Windows version.


Instead, you decide if you want to download the Windows Live versions of Messenger, Mail, Writer, Photo Gallery, Movie Maker and more. You can get ‘em all, some of ‘em, or your favorite and you actually don’t have to wait since the final versions are now available. One small footnote to all this: Dell is going to pre-install Essentials on most of their computers. I’m not sold on that as a good idea as less is more in this case.


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