Skype Lite Coming to Android & Java-Enabled Phones

skype-lite-landing-on-android-phone-others-tooWe’ll put this in the rumor column now but I suspect we won’t have to wait long for official confirmation since Skype has a Press Event tomorrow morning. Piecing together some web sources, anonymous tips, possible leaks and scouring the cache of Google News showing a CNET story that’s no longer live, here’s what we’re seeing:

  • Skype will launch Skype Lite tomorrow, with support for a large number of Java-enabled handsets from Moto, Nokia, Samsung and more.
  • A Skype client is in the works for Google’s Android Marketplace, but no idea how long it will take to get approved or appear for download. We could see it this week or next in the Marketplace.

I wouldn’t expect much more than basic calling functionality at low rates in a Skype Lite application; possibly chat. What’s truly interesting here is how will the carriers respond, as they surely don’t want to lose revenues in terms of per-minute charges. I can’t believe that the majority of cellular customers are on the unlimited plans that cropped up last year.

Either a full or light version of Skype on Android isn’t that surprising because we continuously see Skype expanding their presence on various mobile platforms. And Skype Chat using a G1 keyboard sounds appealing. Many folks have been waiting for Skype support on the iPhone, but I suspect it’s easier to get an application like Skype past the more open Google Android folks than the closed doors at Apple.

Rumor or not, I did circle back to the Skype PR folks and they didn’t confirm nor deny. They did ask if I was attending their press event tomorrow, but I already have a commitment at that time. We’ll know by then for sure if the rumor is fact or not. Something tells me that the time is right for Skype to gain a new platform to support.