Netgear’s MBR624GU 3G Router



Netgear MBR642GU 3G Router

The Netgear press event just finished up and among the new products is the MBR624GU router. Using a USB dock, you can plug your existing 3G USB adapter in the backside of this puppy and share your wireless broadband connection. This is basically an addition to standard router functions since the MBR624GU offers Ethernet ports and 802.11g (but no “n”) support. Good for travel, but since it’s not too small and requires an electrical outlet, it’s not as mobile as similar offerings like Novatel’s MiFi. No pricing yet.



This product works fine in the Philippines. I unfortunately purchased a USA model and had to use a power inverter to not fry the power adapter. It works with the Sun Broadband 3g service offered in the Philippines. Make sure you add all the updated firmwares. Unfortunately you cannot cross-flash firmwares from North America & Other(World Wide). I ended up using the North American firmwares and it worked fine in the Philippines. For Sun Broadband make sure you configure the 3g APN portion to: fbband

remote control software

I use this router in the living room of my home. I have three roomates and we are able to each get excellent internet connection through this router. It provides wireless internet to every room in the house, but the quickest connection occurs when my laptop is plugged into the router with an ethernet cable.


The Netgear MBR642GU is one nasty product.

I purchase one to set up a mobile office. One of the main attractions (which ended up being the only one) was that it required 12 volt DC which for a mobile application is great because no inverter would be required.

One of the main purposes for purchasing a 3g router was to take large data files created from different PCs during the day and upload them to HQ at night using a 3g modem connected to the router as my WAN. This is where the Netgear MBR642GU falls short. After spending many hours/days of testing I was able to determine that going through the router there was a 20% plus reduction in throughput speed when downloading, and a 40% plus hit when uploading as opposed to connecting the 3g modem direct to the PC.

I dealt several times with their “Engineers” in India who were of little to no help and on 2 different occasions tried to tell me the firmware loaded in the router was incorrect because it was for North America and I lived in Canada. The only nugget of info I got from them was setting the MTU size which did improve the download direction to the above mentioned differences.

I tried calling their Headquarters in California to try and talk to someone in their engineering department only to end up being transfered someone in the Philippines and the call disconnected before I could explain the situation.

Web surfing with this device was also a dissapoinment as web pages appeared to be very chunky to display compaired with using a 3g modem directly connected to the PC.

Over all I can say with confidence the Netgear MBR642GU is a bad performing product with very poor after-sales support.

If near transparency through a router is what you are looking for I can guarantee the Netgear MBR642GU will disappoint.

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