Getting Fit With WB’s Eric the Trainer


NTV StationWhen you hear that someone’s a “celebrity trainer,” the worst sort of Hollywood meathead stereotypes come to mind. But Eric Fleishman, otherwise known as Eric The Trainer, defies them. For one thing, he’s a bit of a good-natured goofball. And for another, he’s genuinely passionate about his mission to bring fit living to the common man and woman.

I interviewed Fleishman at his gym in Sherman Oaks, Calif., on Jan. 5 to find out more about how the WB series came about, the integration we can expect with other WB content, and where his fitness principles fit into the current state of the economy. I also agreed to let him work me out a little, enabling me to confirm firsthand that the techniques he’s developed for toning and building strength are easy and pretty fun (though a warning: two days later, I’m still a little sore).

Currently available only on the WB blog (which is slightly annoying, though embeds of the series will be available by the end of the month), Eric the Trainer showcases Fleishman’s engaging qualities as a host and his philosophies about fit living (as well as WB stars like Sorority Forever star Annemarie Pazmino). By virtue of the opening sequence alone (which is equal parts Michael Bay and Tim and Eric), it deserves a watch. And who knows? As fun as it is to pretend you’re too cool for New Year’s resolutions, it’s as good a time as any to start living a little better. And Eric the Trainer might be just the guy to help you with that.

This review, along with more details about the show, can be found at NewTeeVee Station.



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Rolling the shoulders to ease tension in the trapezius muscles is totally true. Exercise really DOES relieve stress, though I haven’t tested it versus making out or dancing. Sounds reasonable.

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