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Get More Out of Facebook With My Web Portfolio

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Facebook is a great tool for web working. It makes networking simple, offers loads of opportunities for promotion, and it boasts a massive user base. Still, it’s not designed to foreground your work, and sometimes it can be a little difficult to draw attention to the things you want people to take notice of using only your basic profile options and Facebook’s native Page and Group tools.

My Web Portfolio is a Facebook application that’s designed to help web designers at least strut their stuff on the popular social network. Just as the name implies, it allows you to build and share a portfolio of your web sites and share them with other Facebook users.

picture-14Once you add the My Web Portfolio application to your FB account, you can access the dashboard, where you can see a random featured website, and the most popular, largest, and most recently added designs from users. Currently, My Web Portfolio has 40 users, which is a farily large number considering it’s only recently been launched.

Right away, you probably noticed a significant drawback of the application, namely that it is a Facebook application. That means that, in order to take full advantage of the service, users have to add the application to their own profile. You can still show off by adding the My Websites tab to your profile, though.

For me, the main advantage of the app doesn’t actually reside with its usefulness as a promotional tool. Instead, I like it for its ability to inspire and provide a space where ideas can be shared. As a web designer community with a focus on actual products, it has a lot of potential. Whatever your motivation, it’s free easy to set up, so there’s not much arguing against adding it to your existing toolset.

4 Responses to “Get More Out of Facebook With My Web Portfolio”

  1. I like the look of the app and agree that it’s a good way to showcase your work with other designers. It looks like it will be good for networking and career development, but maybe a bit difficult for non-designers to search if they have to get the app on their facebook to see people’s work. Nice.

  2. Thanks for this Great Review. :)
    We really put a lot of love in this app. As we are ourself web developers, we primarily built this app for us.

    Today, we really would like to improve it for the whole developers community.

    Do not hesitate to share ideas! :)

    Jean-Baptiste (