Fring Updated for Windows Mobile



Fring on Windows Mobile

As much as we love drooling over new hardware at CES, there’s software news around every corner as well. Fring is among those applications that get a refresh with new features. Their Windows Mobile client now sports the “Designed for Windows Mobile” moniker and gains more add-ons and supported devices:

  • You can use the File Transfer option to send files over your phone’s data connection to your buddies. From Fring, you can send to contacts on Skype, Yahoo!, MSN and of course Fring.
  • Earpiece / headphone support for HTC devices. Hey, not everyone wants to hear BOTH sides of your conversation in public. ;)
  • Support for newer Windows Mobile devices like the Samsung Omnia and Sony Xperia X1.

I’ve mainly stayed with Skype since 2004 as my VoIP client, but a consolidated service like Fring might be worth a look for me. Any Fring faithful want to convince me?



No need to switch?! It’s finally the only app that has proper earpiece support for Skype! Halle-frickin-lujah! =D

Sakul Okmis

No reason to switch, when you use only skype…otherwise its a great application worth using if you need more protocols.

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