Coming Soon: Wireless Video Uploads from Your Camera

Eye-Fi, the maker of SD cards with Wi-Fi, is demoing a pretty cool advance at CES this week: video uploads direct to YouTube.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company isn’t making any promises about when the new product will be available, but it says it will support full-resolution HD videos.

The way Eye-Fi works might be a little too forward-thinking, but it’s nifty. You can use your digital camera to take pictures (or eventually videos) with the card in place, then access a Wi-Fi network through the card to upload them directly to participating sites. Without such a card, the best way to upload video files while you’re on the go — “movlogging,” as it were — is from your phone via MMS, Wi-Fi, or if you’re lucky 3G, but the problem there is the extra expense and the fact that the camera is often crappy. The Eye-Fi cards cost $80-130.

We’ll update if we can get some more info from our friends on the ground in Las Vegas.


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