Coming Soon: Wireless Video Uploads from Your Camera


Eye-Fi, the maker of SD cards with Wi-Fi, is demoing a pretty cool advance at CES this week: video uploads direct to YouTube.

The Mountain View, Calif.-based company isn’t making any promises about when the new product will be available, but it says it will support full-resolution HD videos.

The way Eye-Fi works might be a little too forward-thinking, but it’s nifty. You can use your digital camera to take pictures (or eventually videos) with the card in place, then access a Wi-Fi network through the card to upload them directly to participating sites. Without such a card, the best way to upload video files while you’re on the go — “movlogging,” as it were — is from your phone via MMS, Wi-Fi, or if you’re lucky 3G, but the problem there is the extra expense and the fact that the camera is often crappy. The Eye-Fi cards cost $80-130.

We’ll update if we can get some more info from our friends on the ground in Las Vegas.


Craig McGill

Or use one of the millions of phone cameras that already provide this facility like the Nokia N95…Good luck to the team with this one but it seems like tech that had to wait for prices to drop and by the time the prices had dropped, other solutions were already in place.

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