BoingBoing at CES 2009 using netbooks

I was walking down the hall at the Sands Expo Center at CES and ran across this gentleman working away on the floor:

Rob De Schizza of BoingBoing with an EEE PC

Rob Beschizza of BoingBoing with an EEE PC

Rob works for BoingBoing and was gracious to let me interrupt his work session and we had a great chat about netbooks.  BoingBoing is all over the netbook thing as the low cost “no compromise” laptops have captured their attention like everyone else’s.  Rob’s EEE PC serves him well and he brought it alone to the CES, leaving his larger Sony Vaio TZ at home.  That’s the beauty of netbooks, they do the job and yet cost so much less than equivalent sub-notebooks like the TZ.  Thanks for passing some time with me today, Rob.

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