WallStrip Crashes: CBS Ceases Production Of Video Show


imageCBS Interactive (NYSE: CBS) is pulling the plug on WallStrip, the comedic online financial news show it acquired less than two years ago, PEHub reported, citing an unidentified source. WallStrip hasn’t produced a show since Dec. 12. That date also marks the most recent episode of CBSI broadband sister web program MobLogic, which is hosted by WallStrip alum Lindsay Campbell.

Before being acquired by CBSI in May 2007, WallStrip was viewed as a model for a successful online video show, attracting regular viewers, though it never made much revenue. Mashable points out that this was due to production costs exceeding ad revenue. Moreover, the economic slowdown coupled with revs flowing towards big media content retooled for online, are signs that there will be no resolution soon. Nevertheless, the plan, according to PEHub’s source, is to



Not popular then?! Perhaps it was the quality of video production!

<a href="www.seevue.tv">James</a>


The Wallstrip site was bad, but I enjoyed the videos that were posted on bnet. I never felt like I gained a whole lot of information from the videos, but they were entertaining. How can you be so busy that you don't have time for a two minute video, but enough time to read and comment about the two-minute videos?


site was a joke from the beginning. they should have never purchased it because it never had value.

Tom Fran

My life is so busy…who the hell has time for Wall Strip. Unless you are desperate…have no life…….would you ever vist that site?

Wigga! Puhleease!

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