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*Sina* Signs Couplet Deal With MS: Chinese web and mobile portal Sina (NSDQ: SINA) has signed a licensing agreement with Microsoft (NSDQ: MSFT) for Chinese Couplet Generator technology. Apparently sending couplets on Chinese New Year is a tradition thousands of years old, and the new service allows a mobile user to send the first line of couplet sentence in an SMS and the engine will automatically build the second line and horizontal scroll bearing an inscription to users in the form of multimedia message service or SMS. I’m keen to know exactly how poetically good the couplets are… The Chinese-only couplet site can be accessed here.

Treemo Launches Tic A Tac Poker On iPhone: Treemo has launched a game for the iPhone called Tic A Tac Poker, which has players trying to form small poker hands on a Tic A Tac board (noughts and crosses where I come from). It also has a live, worldwide, high score leaderboard and community.

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AdMob launches iPhone app tracking tool: AdMob has launched a tool that allows advertisers to better monitor App Store conversion rates. The mobile ad network says its Download Tracking tool for iPhone applications lets advertisers figure out which ads lead to the completed download of the advertised application, which allows them to measure their return from advertising on the network. Based on trials of the tool in December, AdMob found that free applications have an average conversion rate of 10 percent, much higher than the average 1 percent for paid apps. Games have a higher conversion rate than other categories of apps, up to a 100 percent improvement over similarly-priced non-game apps. AdMob says it has a reach of more than 8.4 million unique iPhones and iPod Touch devices worldwide, as of December 2008.

MySpace available on *Virgin Mobile* India: Virgin Mobile (NYSE: VM) India has struck a deal with MySpace to put the social net on two of its WAP-enabled phones. The service is free, but users must pay 5 rupees a day to access vBytes, the portal on which the MySpace application can be found, reports MySpace counts some 1.2 million members in India.

Mobile Posse Adds Horoscopes, Cookies: Mobile Posse has signed a deal with Distributive Networks to add content to its application, including Celebrity Gossip, Fortune Cookie, Horoscopes, Jokes, Movie Buzz, Quirky News, Sports Trivia, Word of the Day and more. (release)

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Raj Jahnna

I heard of a new India social networking website for students…Social Synapse.

They are currently accepting beta testers to check out the site before anyone else!

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