@ CES: Rapper Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em Unveils His Mobile Strategy

imageArtist Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em made a short appearance today at the Billboard Digital Music Live Conference at CES, and said with the way the music industry is today, it’s all about looking beyond the music in order to make money. He just launched a shoe brand, a cartoon, has a video game coming out soon, and in mobile, it’s all about cross-promoting. He said he’s working to partner with carriers on his new single, conveniently called “Kiss Me Thru the Phone.” In addition, during the song, he provides — in his words “drops” — a phone number where fans can call him. Soulja Boy said he works with SayNow, which provides phone numbers in each country, where people can call and listen to different messages he’s recorded. “I have 1 million subscribers right now, and I have had over 30 million calls from around the world. It’s in China, Italy — it’s all over the world….What that does is we have a way to capitalize revenue on that. Album sales are on the decline right now.”


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