Macworld 2009 Keynote Coverage


We’ve made it in to the keynote, have decent seats, and currently really solid W-Fi. Crossing our fingers that the Wi-Fi (and our batteries) will stick around.

The vibe here is update and people are handing out “Bring Steve Jobs Back” apple-shaped flyers.

We’re not planning on doing any live blogging of the event, but I will be live twittering assuming my connection sticks around.

Immediately following the keynote we’ll be getting posting our initial thoughts and reviews of the tech-gold that Schiller is set to announce.

Stay tuned.


iPhone app reviews

I thought it was a pretty cool Macworld Keynote. The additions to iLife alone are really great. I have always wondered why products do not turn geo tags into the actual names of the places you where the picture was taken. It was great to see Apple added that to iPhoto. Also the face recognition, map placement, and automatic facebook tagging upon upload are really nice to.


Yeah, I saw that. Well they didn’t miss much… kind of a ho-hum Macworld. No mini, no iMac, no iPod, no iPhone (thank God!) and only one hardware update. iWork & iLife don’t make for a very exciting Macworld.

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