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Jing Capture Software Goes Pro

Jing LogoI’ve been a big fan of Jing capture software for a while now. I use it for all of my screen shots here for WWD, and have also used it to create some short demo screencasts. It works really well for me, and is a great free option for my needs.

Today the folks at TechSmith announced the availability of a Pro version with features aimed at the video capture crowd. For a paltry $14.95 year they have beefed up the service to allow higher quality HD videos, enhanced integration with video sharing sites including a direct upload to YouTube, and removal of any Jing branding.

With the ability to capture H.264/MPEG-4 AVC in addition to the SWF files of the free version, Jing becomes a more flexible option for your video capture needs.

If you’re doing heavy duty video capture, you’ll probably want to consider an upgrade to Camtasia or similar, but for an easy to use screen capture / screen cast solution Jing is a great choice.

Jing is available for both PC and Mac, and is now available in both a free and pro version.

What do you use for screen capture?

10 Responses to “Jing Capture Software Goes Pro”

  1. I have had great success using the Jing Pro Version to edit snowboarding videos of me and my friends from this past winter. Like Windows Movie Maker, Jing makes cropping the start and end points of the movie easy to do. Jing also uploaded the video for us and gave us suggestions for tags to maximize the number of views. We are very happy with our youtube videos, thanks Jing!

  2. I’ve used ScreenHunter for several years now. It’s very basic and probably doesn’t have all the functionality of some of these other programs, but it’s intuitive and easy to use, and it has never bugged out or done anything weird or let me down in any way (and it’s completely free).

  3. I use Snagit on the PC, it’s TechSmith’s other product and really useful and worth paying the money to buy. On the Mac, I use ImageWell which is also commercial but very inexpensive and terrific for screen scraping and image manipulation.