Hard at work in the blogger’s lounge


Doesn’t Kevin look like he’s working soooo hard?

Kevin in the Blogger's Lounge at CES

Kevin in the Blogger's Lounge at CES


Ron P.

Some one had said Kevin had been taking “Blogging Instensity” acting classes.
The money was well spent. I’m believing the picture. Really, I am!!! If we could only see what was on that screen! “BlackJack Brush-up, The Refresher Course For Once a Year Vegas Vacationers” a popular E-Book recently seen on Kevins screen…..


I see your USB Modem is working good… How’s the Wi-Fi? So now we know that no Wind for Kevin. The Macbook are great, I got one for my Wife and she likes it better then the Macbook Pro. Maybe you should brought the MSI Wind for those times you’ll need to have something small. :) Yes time difference can be a killer, lucky I’m out in California so that wouldn’t affect me. :)

Kevin C. Tofel

It’s been a heck of day that’s totally killed my productivity. Flight delay out of Philly followed by nearly an hour wait to check-in at the “double wide”. Ugh… missed the Asus press event and barely made it to CES Unveiled. (See, we weren’t kidding about the crazy schedule ;) )

The picture also confirms that I opted for my MacBook over my MSI Wind. If I had a second 6-cell battery for the Wind, I would have leveraged James’s MacBook for the video/photo work. Having a second MacBook battery was the tipping point for me. OK, I’m going back to work now, even though everyone’s getting ready for dinner and my body thinks it’s 9pm. :)

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