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Demo Video: Sling on the iPhone

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The folks at Sling have done it again: dreamed up another cool product and told us about it before it’s available.

Now it’s bringing its streaming, place-shifted video to the iPhone — and also HD video to Macs, as they demonstrated at Macworld in San Francisco today.

Sling’s Vicky Shum showed us the current version of the application (see video embedded above) on the show floor (please pardon the poor camera and audio work). She said the iPhone App will be submitted to Apple around “the end of March” and, if it gets approved, it will retail for somewhere in the neighborhood of $30 — mighty steep for an iPhone app! Shum said Sling is trying to get on Apple and AT&T’s good side in the hopes that the app will be approved to stream video over 3G, a privilege the companies are keeping a tight lid on due to bandwidth expense and overuse concerns.

What would be super neat is if the iPhone let you access videos on the new — effectively creating an iPhone app for Hulu, CBS and other online video providers — but like Sling’s other mobile apps, the iPhone version will only include links to web content. If iPhone app users have already shelled out a couple hundred bucks for a Slingbox, though, they’ll be able to watch everything they can access on their home TVs.

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6 Responses to “Demo Video: Sling on the iPhone”

  1. Horrible demo. Hope its come a long way since that.
    Head of the mobile product line? What dope she was.

    Most robust? What arrogance. It didn’t work worth a damn at THAT time. Doubt they’ve improved it.