CTERA Doubles Down On Storage


ctera-logoCTERA Networks, an Israeli startup, has launched a storage service that combines network-attached storage with online backup. CTERA, which has raised an undisclosed amount from Benchmark Capital, sells an appliance that turns any external USB hard drive into a NAS device with automatic backup. This gives people copies of their data on their backup drive as well as in the cloud. It has a few differences from the other storage options out there, such as being able to back up information while the computer is turned off, but it still will face a battle to differentiate itself and win profits in the crowded space.


Adrian Eden

I wonder how the startups in Israel are doing with the current war between them and the Palestinians? Damn religion has contributed to war like no other. Nice startup by the way.


It’s an interesting concept – I tried online backup services, but they do require installing software and they are pretty slow. Doing backup off a NAS device is a great idea and sounds like it could kill two birds with one stone. I wonder when this will become available…

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