Clearwire Launches WiMAX in Portland

logo_notag1Today, Clearwire unveiled the WiMAX network in Portland, Ore., that we covered last month. Portland is the first city to get WiMAX service under the Clear brand since Clearwire closed its WiMAX spectrum merger with Sprint last month. Portland joins Baltimore, Md., as Clearwire’s only pure WiMAX network in the country.

Clearwire plans to upgrade its 46 pre-WiMAX markets in the coming years. Meanwhile, it looks like other pure WiMAX deployments, such as Chicago, are getting pushed back. Clearwire has said it may slow its WiMAX deployments in response to the financial crisis, but CEO Ben Wolffe said in December that decision would be made at a January board meeting, the date of which has not been set as of today. Pricing for the Clear service in Portland runs from $30 per month for 200 MB to $50 per month for unlimited data for wireless service and from $20 per month for 768 kbps uplink to $40 per month for up to 6 Mbps up for home service.


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