Celio Demos Dock, Android SDK on REDFLY; Intros PC Software


Celio Smartphone Dock

REDFLY Smartphone Dock concept

Earlier this week, in advance of CES, I spoke with Brad Warnock, VP of Marketing at Celio. We’ve covered their current REDFLY product, which extends a Windows Mobile smartphone to a netbook-sized screen and keyboard. Brad shared some details on Celio concepts that are logical and useful.

First up on the plate is a concept device that I could see many smartphone owners benefit from. It’s a dock for the REDFLY that provides smartphone connectivity to any supported display thanks to the VGA, mouse and keyboard ports. The beauty of this solution is that you connect to it the same way you connect a phone to a REDFLY now: either through USB or wirelessly through Bluetooth. I almost liken this concept to the Portable Apps / USB / U3 approach: carry your computing environment with you and plug it in where you want to work.

Second, Brad mentioned a product that actually shocked me when I heard him describe it, mainly because it’s a software solution. Using REDFLY PC Software, you can essentially turn an existing netbook or notebook into a REDFLY. Not literally, of course, but you can emulate the REDFLY hardware using hardware you already own. With it, you can easily connect your smartphone to a device with larger screen, mouse, trackpad and keyboard. I see this as a quick and productive way to get at apps and data that reside on your smartphone; only they’ll be in window on your PC up to 1024×768. Celio says that the REDFLY PC Software will be available in March, 2009, but pricing isn’t determined yet.

Lastly, Brad told me that Celio has a REDFLY working with the Android SDK. I anticipated that this would provide a similar experience to what we’ve seen from Android running on a netbook, except the resolution would be held to 800×480. Heck, we can see for ourselves with this video demo of the concept and of course, if we can get our own look-see at it here at CES, we’ll be sure to share.


Here’s the full, official press release text on the concept dock and REDFLY PC Software:

Las Vegas, NV – Celio Corp (www.celiocorp.com), maker of the REDFLY Smartphone Terminal, today unveiled two new smartphone solutions: REDFLY PC Software and the REDFLY Smartphone Dock, expanding the REDFLY solution for smartphone computing in professional, commercial and industrial markets.

REDFLY PC Software functions like a software version of today’s REDFLY Smartphone Terminal to give a laptop or netbook an expanded resolution, full-screen view of a smartphone for a virtual dual-boot experience. The REDFLY PC Software launch is planned for March 2009.

Celio Corp plans to demonstrate a concept device, the REDFLY Smartphone Dock, during CES 2009 in booth No. 3934. The REDFLY Smartphone Dock concept is a table-top adapter with VGA, mouse, and keyboard ports for smartphone applications.

“Celio Corp’s success revolves around the ever-advancing capabilities of the smartphone,” said Kirt Bailey, CEO of Celio Corp.  “The REDFLY technology allows a smartphone to retain its pocket-size design because REDFLY unleashes the smartphone’s computer for use with larger screens, keyboards, and navigation.  We look forward to working enabling smartphone advancements today and in the future.”

REDFLY PC Software allows any Windows XP™ or Windows Vista™ user to have full-screen access to the smartphone and thus use a netbook with all available smartphone features and capabilities like a virtual dual-boot system by increasing the smartphone’s output screen resolution up to 1024×728 pixels (a unique feature exclusive only to Celio Corp).

The REDFLY Smartphone Dock enables projectors, office kiosks, and commercial applications to use any display, keyboard and mouse with just a smartphone.

The REDFLY PC Software will be available by March, 2009 with pricing announced in the future.  Details on pricing and availability of the REDFLY Smartphone Dock will also be announced in the future.

Celio will debut its new REDFLY products and proof-of-concept demos on January 8-11, 2009 at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada at Booth No. 3934 in the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. An automotive in-dash proof-of-concept will show REDFLY in use with a touch screen. The REDFLY Smartphone Terminal will also be shown with remote access and Office Mobile applications. More information is available from www.celiocorp.com.

About Celio Corp
Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Celio Technology Corporation (www.celiocorp.com) is a mobile computing technology company with a wealth of expertise in the smartphone industry. As a company, Celio Corp specializes in the development of innovative new solutions for the smartphone computing market, enabling the smartphone to be a truly capable mobile computing solution. The REDFLY Smartphone Interface is a CES 2008 Innovations Awards Design and Engineering award honoree. Celio Corp is backed by vSpring Capital, an early-stage venture capital firm.



Thanks for the great coverage so far! Im glad to see that celio is doing a software package too. The value of having internet connectivity quickly and cheaply (Sprint PCS) makes my phone more useful to me than my PC on many occassions. Its seems like I can now have the best of worlds. It would be great if Celio implements a type of “Hyperspace” model where you can toggel quickly between one OS and the other.


i swear microsoft was looking into turning winmob phones into computers for the third world at one point, but who says it cant be used for the first world?!

hell, running android on a netbook or phone do not matter any more. the only thing that will matter is the flexibility of the apps people make for said os, and the feature sets they can equip said apps with.


I think the Redfly and Foleo (R.I.P.) should get more attention. In many ways the concept makes more sense than netbooks. The leveraging of existing hardware and data is hugely practical and convenient. Unfortunately its a tough marketing story compared to netbooks.


Does anyone still use those Windows Mobile phones? I thought they were as dead as PalmOS :)


i love the docking station concept.. more so than the original redfly product…. does make the whole smartphone as a computer concept seem more plausible.

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