Arrived in Vegas- check out the jkOnTheRun double-wide!


I have arrived in Las Vegas to begin bringing you the best of the CES and not to be outdone by those turquoise guys I am happy to show off the jkOnTheRun double-wide.  This will be our “blogger central” where we’ll knock out those great stories you’ll be talking about all year.  The jkOTR trailer is posh and has every amenity you’d expect for such a big budget operation:


That’s really all I can show you because that’s really all there is.  :)  Kevin will be here soon and we’ll head out to the Asus press event.


Ron P.

OK Guys, DO US PROUD!! Glad you are there safe and sound.
Ron P.


Let the Post’s begin… LOL Will be watching jkontherun for CES News on my Storm.


What fancy schmanzy hotel did Om put you guys in?

(it’s nice to have family in Vegas for those times when hotels overpriced)


Hope you guys have good pairs of walking shoes and strong backs. Its only 2 million sq ft or so. Good luck.

Josh Smith

What’s that travel cord called. It looks like a great addition to my bag to combat the lack of plugs at most hotels.


That looks nice, especially diggin the pattern on the chairs. Might need a few more outlets.


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