$699 Plustek Scanner Turns Books into Audio Files

bookreader_v100Plustek is introducing a not-so-mobile scanner that actually does have a mobile aspect. The BookReader V100 actually does read books for you, but it won’t write a book report for you. Sorry, kids! This $699 scanner takes print content and applies OCR, or Optical Character Recognition, to understand the written word. It then converts the scanned materials into .MP3 audio files, so you can essentially turn any book into an audio book for your digital audio player.

I have a large personal print library and although I hate to repurchase content, I have to wonder if an Audible account is a better value for most folks. While the V100 is pretty impressive in terms of what it does, $699 is a tough nut to crack for consumers. Unless they add that book report function I mentioned before. Then this thing would sell faster than all the Cliff’s Notes in the world.


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