First Twitter, Now MacRumorsLive: Updates Hacked

imageBritney Spears wasn’t safe. Neither were Barack Obama and Bill O’Reilly. The latest to be hacked is popular *Apple* news blog, on the day of Macworld Expo, no less. At around 9:30 this morning, pranksters hacked into the live updates, saying “Steve Jobs just died,” among other obscenities. The site is currently down though not sure if the hackers were directly responsible for this or MacRumors decided to take it down until the snafu is sorted out. CNET has named 4Chan, a user-gen bulletin board, as the most likely culprit. The most recent mischief from 4Chan came in September 2008, when a user hacked into vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin’s personal *Yahoo* Mail account and posted her password, along with screenshots within the account, to Wikileaks.

Today’s prank was first noticed by Twitter users and other blogs, and one Twitter-er pointed out that 4Chan members were circulating MacRumors passwords on Digg Monday night.