What to Expect From our CES Coverage


ces-logoBefore we kick into high gear for CES week, I wanted to share our goals in terms of coverage. These may be lofty for a two-person crew but it’s better to set the bar high and not surpass it then to have no goals and expect total success. We know that larger crews like Engadget and Gizmodo, to name a few, offer stellar CES coverage year after year. Having been a part of the Engadget CES crew in 2005, I personally know how they put forth 110% effort and they deserve the kudos that they earn. So we know that we can’t “compete” on that front, nor will we try. Here’s an idea of what this week is truly like for everyone, followed by what our plans are to deliver high quality content to you, our readers.

What is CES really like? The best way to describe this is using sheer numbers. The Consumer Electronics Association says that there is over 1.7 million square feet of display space for 30 product categories and over 2,700 exhibitors. You can view the floor plans here or see the full Exhibitor List to get feel for the size. The majority of the show is at the massive Las Vegas Convention Center and at the Sands Expo Center. Aside from the standard booths at those locations, hundreds of vendors also fill up various hotel conference rooms and centers. A typical day might have you literally running from a meeting at the LVCC to the Venetian Hotel Conference Rooms followed by the Sands CC and then back to the LVCC. Oh and don’t forget to hit that major press conference with [Samsung, Microsoft, Sony, Asus, HP, Lenovo, etc….] 30-minute lines for cabs in between venues is not at all uncommon. In essence, you’re constantly going from one place to another or your walking a massive floor searching for that one booth of interest. From the largest CE companies to the smallest little shops, everyone is vying for your time and attention. We’ve been inundated with hundreds of CES meeting request e-mails for the past month or so. We’ll continued to get hammered with Press Releases every day during the show as well.

Now the above schedule is just during the day. Three of our nights will be spent at three to four hour “mini-shows” like CES Unveiled, ShowStoppers and DigitalExperience. These venues are smaller, but still large in their own right. They fill up huge rooms with 50 to 200 exhibitors for a more “intimate” setting as compared to the LVCC.

Why am I sharing this with you? Simply as a matter of perspective. We’re not asking anyone to cry us a river in sympathy here. No, far from it because we love this rat-race we call CES. It’s mainly to offer perspective for anyone who has never been there to get a feel for what the days are like. It’s comprised of long days with little sleep, but our passion keeps us going.

What to expect from us. Having set up the crazy schedule for CES, you’ll likely notice what I haven’t mentioned on the schedule: time to write. Either you’re constantly meeting with vendors and looking at products or you’re traveling to the next appointment or press conference. That leaves very little time to write. Of course, that’s our issue to manage, not yours, so here’s what we’re aiming for:

  • Our hope is that not two hours goes by without a post. There will be times when we get a flurry of posting so you’ll see rushes of a few posts in as little as an hour, but our goal is no lulls over two hours for CES. Having moved to WordPress, I can now schedule posts which wasn’t something that TypePad offered us. That will surely help.
  • Plenty of pictures. Last year, James snapped photos with the HTC Advantage and simply uploaded them here through the TypePad Mobile client. The same approach applies to the iPhone and its WordPress client: a candid photo of something worth sharing, along with a short tidbit on what it is. Ideally, we’ll try to go back and flesh out the information for the photo, but if we shoot a new one up, you’re experiencing the show in real time through our eyes.
  • A daily video wrap-up. Often, we see things that we just didn’t get time to write up, even though it’s worthy of coverage. In a short 5-10 minute video, we can talk about those items with you. Additionally, this gives us a chance to share thoughts about the show and experience in general.

So there you have it: you know what the week will be like for us and hopefully what it will be for you. All CES coverage will be tagged with the CES 2009 category and it’s a safe bet that practically every post this week will fit that bill. The only exception might be any big news out of MacWorld, which of course, we wouldn’t tag with “CES 2009”.

Tomorrow is our travel day, but we’ll have news in the queue for you. Even though the show floor doesn’t open until Thursday, we hit the ground running tomorrow with a major press event shortly after landing in the afternoon followed by CES Unveiled at night. We’re looking forward to CES week and we sincerely hope you are as well.

JK addition: Kevin’s done a great job summing up how this will go down but it’s important to remember that in a show this large and this crazy something unexpected always happens.  :)  We’re also hoping to capture some quick video of any cool gadgetry we see as it happens.


Ron P.

Where is the JKOTR Double Wide Trailer going to be located? I wouldnt want to miss that!!


Yay, craptastic iPhone pix! Oh well, still looking forward to the coverage.. have fun guys!


Any news on any meetups? I know you guys will have tons of time :) Is the tablet meetup happening?

Dave Zatz

Is Palm taking you far off-site for a lame product preview that you can’t talk about and won’t ship for months? ;)

Kevin C. Tofel

We hope to meet up with you as well Jenn! You’re correct that TypePad has offered scheduled posting for a few years. However, that’s only for full Authors, of which, there can be only one. I was always considered a Guest Author and that role can’t be granted rights to schedule posts. Just wanted to clarify for any would-be bloggers out there. ;)


Hope to see you guys there!

This doesn’t matter anymore now that you’re using WordPress, but TypePad has offered scheduled posting since at least 2006 (when I signed up). Just an FYI in case you decide to come back to this side of the fence. :-)

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